The Italian Community Center (ICC) of Milwaukee is an ethnic organization that was founded in 1978 to celebrate the heritage and culture of Wisconsin’s Italian American community.  The most visible example of that is a four-day summer festival known as Festa Italiana that features food, entertainment and cultural exhibits that highlight the Italian experience.  The ICC strides to promote ethnic understanding and racial equality and, in its 60,000 square foot facility, has been a catalyst for renewal and rebirth of Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward.  The ICC is open to all people, regardless of race, creed or religion.

The ICC, in its current location since September 1990, has been chosen for many political rallies and speeches and campaign celebrations.  President Bill Clinton gave a speech on health care reform at the ICC on April 18, 1994.  President Bush and Senator John Kerry held events here in 2004.

The Italian Community Center is a place where history is taught, memories are shared, and friends gather – the ICC must remain the center of the Italian community, filled with people of all ages spending time together and ensuring the preservation of all things Italian – to make sure this generation and the next appreciate the importance and beauty of speaking Italian, dancing and singin g Italian, painting Italian and cooking Italian.

– Susie Christiansen

The community center is an important and wonderful place for meetings and socializing (and classes!).  There is a very comfortable feeling there.  I would love to see the ICC become more and more prominent in the Milwaukee area.  It would be cool if there were various classes offered to the general public, but I’m not sure if that fits within the mission statement.

– Paula Lee 

The Italian Community Center, above all,

provides opportunity. The word “opportunity” is synonomous with such terms as: possible, chance, connection, space, and hope. The building itself, with its rooms and restaurant seating, provides spaces for individuals from all over the Milwaukee area to play, practice, and learn about the Italian culture. Through these activities, adults and children have the ability to interact and connect with others, and at the same time are given the chance to engage in a variety of pastimes, since they are all held under the same roof. Under this very roof also lies hope for future Italian-Americans, who will cherish their time spent within the ICC’s walls and pass on their love for camaraderie and community to their own children.
– Amber Nighbor


To keep the traditions and culture alive that were brought over from our parents, grandparents etc. from Italy and to pass along to the next generation.  To keep the Italian community of Wisconsin in contact.
– Gina LaLicata

To promote  Italian heritage for all ages and provide a gathering place for the community.
– Lisa Maglio

The purpose of the Italian Community Center should be a place that gives back to the Italians of all ages by keeping alive our heritage through organized events such as festivals, food, music performances, etc.

I see the Italian Community Center like one big kitchen table (and in an Italian family that is pretty big) – it takes time to gather everyone at the table but when they are brought together, it’s one big feast.

Personally, I see the ICC as mia famiglia!
– Rosa Loeffelholz