In June 2019, the members of Tradizione Vivente (the Italian Dance Group of Milwaukee) will travel to Italy & Sicily to study dance, specifically Italian folk dancing.   The dancers will shadow Italian and Sicilian folk dance groups, learning from them, and hopefully performing with them. 

They are embarking on this trip to immerse themselves in the music, traditions, dances, and language, which will only enhance and improve their performances, and intensify their passion for the Italian culture.  To be among the people, listening to their music, dancing with them, examining their costumes, and exchanging ideas will no doubt reflect in their performances when they return to Milwaukee.

The dance group has been and will continue to fund raise until they leave, constantly pursuing different ways to earn the money needed to participate in this cultural experience. 

The Italian Community Center has most generously donated an ICC parking spot to the dance group, so that they may raffle it off for use during the upcoming Summer 2018.  The very lucky raffle winner will have sole use of that parking spot for the entire summer.  Tradizione Vivente would like to express their tremendous gratitude to the ICC.

Take a chance on winning a treasure of a prize, and support culture and ethnic tradition in Milwaukee, specifically in this case, Italian.  This experience will be a dream come true for Tradizione Vivente – as dancers, they want to be as skilled as they can be, and as Italians, they aspire to be as authentic as possible.  Help them achieve these goals.

Buy a raffle ticket for $10.  Buy 6 for $50.   

Tickets may be purchased HERE 
or in person at the Italian Community Center Office.     Or here:   

Or here: