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The Italian Times celebrates the Italian community here at the ICC.

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Whether you're Italian or not, 
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Italian Times
Editor Looking
for Writers to
Help with Festa
Issue Stories

Tom Hemman, editor of The Italian Times, is looking for individuals to help write some of the articles that will appear in either the June 2015 issue and the July/August 2015 Festa Italiana edition.


Persons with solid writing skills and/or a basic understanding of the newspaper reporting principles should contact Hemman at or call 414-223-2801.


These are voluntary positions, but offer individuals opportunities to get the stories they write published with their byline, which may be valuable when they seek future employment in journalism, public relations, marketing or general writing fields.


“We can also assure writers that they will receive tickets for Festa Italiana, July 17-19, on the Summerfest grounds,” Hemman said.


If you enjoy trivia, Jeopardy, crosswords and wasting a little bit of time, try our new crossword puzzle.  You will need to know a little about the ICC, Italy, Milwaukee and who knows what else in order to come up with the answers, which are actually very easy – once you think about them.  Give it a try and let us know what you think.  


The answers will be provided in the next issue of the Italian Times, but if you can’t wait, go ahead and cheat a little.   On our website, if you scroll down from the puzzle, you will find the answers and explanations.


Please feel free to leave us your feedback HERE.


Have fun and visit us often.

  It is not necessary to be Italian to spend time with us,

to enjoy our home, or to eat with us at our restaurant.


We just want you to experience and
love the Italian culture as much as we do.


Please enjoy our Community Center, our Conference Center
and Cafč La Scala.    
Benvenuti!  (Welcome everyone!)


About Us
The Italian Community Center (ICC) of Milwaukee is an ethnic organization founded in 1978 to celebrate the heritage and culture of Wisconsin’s Italian community.  The most visible celebration of our Italian culture is a 3-day summer festival known as Festa Italiana.  Milwaukee’s Festa Italiana celebrates the music, culture, food and spirit of Italy, as well as our community, family and good friends.  We do our best to create a festive atmosphere and fond memories and to keep the ethnic cultures alive in Milwaukee – and most fondly, for us, the Italian culture.


The ICC has been in its current location since September 1990 and has been a catalyst for the renewal and renaissance of Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward.  Our community center is open to all people, regardless of race, creed or religion.     

When we share our culture with others, we are sharing both our history and also our hopes for the future.  We are combining traditional ideas with new ideas.  We are passing down a magnificent culture from one generation to the next.  That is our legacy.  Join us.