ICC Naming Rights will give members of the ICC the opportunity to name a room at the Italian Community Center after their family or a friend.  A sum of money is donated to the ICC, and the purchase and installation of the beautiful lettering is covered by the family – they receive a beautiful tribute, and the ICC receives the funds necessary to care for its members. 

We have a plan in place with the Bartolotta Restaurants, which will assist us in remodeling our building and maintaining it going forward.  We have a plan in place with the Milwaukee Ballet, which will assist us in paying our mortgage.  And we are extremely proud that we were able to make it happen.

This fundraiser will fund the community within, making it possible for us to offer more to our members.  With this fundraiser, we will now have the money necessary to celebrate this beautiful culture and offer classes in Italian music, culture, food, and wine on a constant basis – and hold events that bring us together as a family – along with the pleasure of charging our members only a nominal amount. 

This specific fundraiser is for you, for your enjoyment, and for the wonderful committees who work tirelessly to preserve our Italian culture and offer our members a good time.

Naming Rights - Revised